Technological developments over the last few years have provided opportunities for major advancements in productivity and quality of service; providing the technology supports the operation rather than driving it.

Greymane have invested heavily in technology over the past five years and spent hundreds of hours taking industry leading construction software and customizing it to the needs of the company, our customers, and Bermuda. The result is that operations throughout the company have benefited from the automation of technology with no reduction in flexibility.

Integrated Financial & Operations Software

Sage Timberline are leaders in the provision of integrated operational and accounting software for the construction industry. Greymane have taken full    advantage of the power of the overall system by deploying the sophisticated estimating product together with the full accounting, project management, inventory management, and procurement management systems. Over the past four years, we have systematically customized the software to ensure maximum productivity and flexibility in support of our operations.


Timberline Estimating allows us to create accurate and extremely rapid estimates, budgets, and cost plans from our now extensive database. We regularly produce interior fit out budgets within hours rather than days.

In addition, we have recently deployed On-Screen Takeoff by On Centre Software. This software enables us to price projects of any size or complexity directly from electronic drawings. Effectively we can receive entirely electronic document sets with no hard copy specifications or drawings ever needing to be produced; a significant saving for many clients we suspect.

Bills of Quantities, Cost Plans, and a range of differently formatted pricing reports can be produced in a matter of minutes according to the requirements of individual clients.

Productivity data can also be exported directly from any estimate to scheduling software such as Microsoft Project of Primavera for expedited creation of meaningful construction schedules.


Communication and documentation are the fundamental of construction. Our Timberline technology supports good practice by automating many of the labour intensive documentation tasks that improve communication but that all too often are forgotten due to the pressure of time. RFI’s and RFI Logs, Change Orders, Instructions to Sub-contractors Orders and Sub-Contractor / Supplier payment certificates; all are now automated to the greatest practical extent.
Of central importance to almost every client is the efficient management and communication of the costs for changes. We now have highly automated and expedient Change Management procedures that can be tailored to each client’s requirements. From instant production of Change Requests with detailed cost breakdowns following pricing by QS, right up to automated preparation of Change Orders for signature by the parties if required; an option that can save Architectural time and expense during the administration phase of a project.


All of our applications are run on central servers located in a secure area within our building. We provide full remote access capabilities via secure web login and the Citrix Terminal Server solution. Data is protected by a combination of mirrored disk drives and Raid level 5 storage to protect against any hardware failure. Back-ups take place every day to prevent loss of operating information in the event of any catastrophic event.

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