Mission Statement
Greymane Contracting Limited will constantly strive to provide high quality construction services. We will do so in a timely manner, at fair prices, and with integrity and honesty. We wish to maintain a happy and harmonious workplace for all our staff and provide an environment that will encourage and support the growth of Bermudians within our industry.

Company Profile
Greymane Contracting Limited is a forward thinking and technologically sophisticated company with a motivated and highly proficient staff. We typically   average 50 to 70 staff at any one time, however we have also expanded to as many as 140 during busy periods such as those immediately following the hurricane in 2003. Our workforce comprises both Bermudian and Expatriate staff at the ratio of approximately 60% to 40%. We have a long history of support for training initiatives with Government and the local industry.
The company was incorporated in 1994 and initially provided sub-contract services in drywall and acoustic ceilings. As the majority of our work involved high-end office fit outs, it was a natural progression to grow from sub-contractor to general contractor in the commercial office interiors field.

Further expansion has since seen the development of a general contracting side to our business to compliment our Interiors capabilities, and introduction of systems and procedures specifically designed to facilitate our provision of Construction Management services.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to providing the highest quality of craftsmanship in all of our projects have been central to our success and growth. We take the same approach to all our projects, be they executive offices for an exempt company, a small general construction renovation, or a high end residential / commercial / industrial / institutional development.
ISO 9000, the international standard for documentation and procedure, is widely accepted as the key to good business practice. Some of the benefits include
• Improved consistency of service
• Improved productivity and efficiency
• Improved communication and job satisfaction
• Improved orientation for new employees

Greymane have carefully developed “best practice” procedures for all operations. Our sophisticated technology has enabled us to maximize automation. Documentation for and communication of those procedures follows the ISO 9001:2002 system.

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